Pataula Charter Academy, Edison, Calhoun County

Pataula Charter Academy

The Pataula Charter Academy was founded about four or five years ago at the old Plantation Ford dealership in Edison. Since then a few buildings have been added, and the school had grown…slightly. A few private schools like Southwest Georgia Academy were under the impression that if the school had grown they would have been pushed out of business, that hasn’t been the case.

Old Arlington School, Arlington, Calhoun County

Perspective The first school in Arlington was a private, non sectarian, White-only school by the name of Arlington Academy. The land for this school was sold on July 4, 1888 by the Arlington Municipal Corporation to a small group of businessmen for only $10.00.  This school served the community until it was destroyed by a tornado on March 22, 1897. Another school was built, but it burned to the ground in 1924. At this time 10 acres of land was sold for a new school by a Louis Murrary. The new Arlington High School was built in 1925 and stayed open until the schools consolidated in 1963, when the high school disbanded. The old building continued to house grades one through eight. The building fell out of use in September of 1978 when the new Calhoun Elementary School was built. My father went to preschool here. The preschool building has since rotted away, but was located directly behind the main buliding. The building in the middle is new, built just a few years ago, I don’t know what purpose it serves though, as the school is not very far from falling in completly. (Private Property) Old Gym The old gym is located on the far right if you’re facing the front of the school. I has been broken into many times and the insides are littered with trash. Looking Across the Gym It is very dimly lit and difficult to take a proper photo. I also found signs of a homeless person living there. Auditorium The auditorium is located in the main building, just as you walk through the front doors. It is now littered with old desks and gang graffiti. Collapsed Basement A good bit of the main building has collapsed and fallen into the basement, which is full of water. Science Room 3   The Science room still has its lovely wooden cabinets. Front Classroom Boards One of the many classrooms. Right Wing Front Door Looking down the right wing of the main building…

UPDATE:  The old Arlington School has now been demolished.

I must also add that though the Arlington School is an intersting place, it is VERY dangerous. Every building I went into had both asbestos and black mold, this is SUPER bad to breathe in…I had to use my respirator. Most of the floor is a rotted mess and a single step could put you in the flooded basement with no way to get out, a scary thought! Finally the school also happens to be located directly in front of the city projects. I was harassed by the residents and there’s a good chance others will be too. If you visit here please know the dangers and use your head.

Patmos School, Patmos, Baker County

Patmos School, Patmos, Baker County

I am unsure when Patmos School first began, but it started its life as a three room wooden school house for White families. Eventually this structure was demolished to make room for a new brick building. The school originally provided for grades one through nine, but eventually only grades one through six when it was consolidated with Elmodel School. Patmos School closed with the wave of integration that hit the area in the 60s. The last school year was 1963-1964 and the school has sat empty since then. The building was salvageable in the 1990s, but now sits in rubble. (Private Property)


If you struggle past the thorn bushes to the front door this is what you’ll see.

Open Doors

Side doors…

Looking Towards the Back Door

Back exit…


Patmos School when it was still well kept. (Photo Credit:  Baker County Historical Society)