Newton U. F. O. Sightings, Newton, Baker County

Weeds on Main Street

Newton has been plagued with U. F. O.s since the 70s it seems. There have been at least four reports of U. F. O. sightings in Newton in the last forty years, one per decade it seems. The last one that I can recall happened in 1997. It was called in by a man who was on the way to work when he noticed some unusual lights in the sky. My grandfather also saw some strange lights one day during the twilight hour. He was never quite sure what he saw. What aliens would want with a sleepy Georgia town is anybody’s guess. One thing is for sure, Southwest Georgia has a number of unusual events surrounding it!

Sister Islands, Newton, Baker County

Sister Islands, Newton, Baker County

Sister Islands are two small islands located on the Flint River just south of Newton. They can be accessed by way of Barge Road, a one lane county dirt road which veers off of William Irvin Road (two lane county dirt). They can be seen much better from a boat in the Flint, however the islands are private. (Private Property)

Cemetery off of Dias Road, Newton, Baker County

Cemetery off of Dias Road, Newton, Baker County

I’m not sure of the name of this cemetery, but it is very old. No headstones remain which suggest that they were perhaps made of wood. A few large rocks are scattered about which probably indicate a grave. Notice the large Magnolia tree, it was not unusual for loved ones to plant trees or bushes by the graves of those they lost. The size of the Magnolia suggests that this cemetery is well over 100 years old.

The Flint River, Newton, Baker County

The Flint River, Newton, Baker County

The Flint River, named after an abundance of flint stones, was once Newton’s main source of goods and services imported from other towns. The total length of the flint is 330 miles and divides Baker and Mitchell counties. For many years the steamboats on the flint were vital to the cotton trade by carrying to Apalachicola. It is due to flood every 100 or so years.