A Brief History of Mimsville, Baker County

Mimsville was settled around 1880. The Mimsville post office was established on May 15, 1884 by general store owner Robert Mims. The towns of Milford and Hoggard Mill would not deliever mail to or from Mimsvill for fear that it would cause their offices to be re-routed. The post office was ultimatley closed on January 31, 1914 when the mail was re-routed to Elmodel. Mimsville was, and still is a farming community, claiming to have good soil.


Barnett’s Bridge, Mimsville, Baker County

Barnett's Bridge, Mimsville, Baker County

No records currently exist to give us an idea when Barnett’s Bridge was constructed over the Ichauway-Notchaway Creek. The earliest records are for the bridge to be closed in August 1937; at the time the bridge had a 3,000 pound limit. The bridge was deeded to Ichauway Plantation in 1955 in exchange for 20 acres of land for the Baker County Highway Department. In 1956 a new bridge was constructed on the deeded land to serve Georgia Route 200. (Private Property)


(Photo Credit:  Baker County Historical Society)

Big Cypress Creek, Mimsville, Baker County

Big Cypress Creek, Mimsville, Baker County

Big Cypress Creek flows from a large cypress swamp in eastern Early County through Mimsville and eventually meets Little Cypress Creek, and then flows into the Flint River. Big Cypress Creek is considered a ‘wet-weather’ creek and only flows if we’ve had a rainy season. I visited during a drought year, as you can see it was very dry.