Former Site of Ivey’s Cemetery, Jones Spur, Baker County

Site of Ivy's Cemetery, Jones Spur, Baker County

From what I know the Ivey Family cemetery once sat under this tree. It seems to be gone, however my map could have been wrong. I’ll update if I find it, but from what I can tell the headstones have been removed. It is also worth not that a slave cemetery exists somewhere near the Ivy Cemetery. (Private Property)

Ivey’s House, Jones Spur, Baker County

Ivy's House, Jones Spur, Baker County

The Ivey’s home was built in 1835 and was the first of the Baker County antebellum mansions. It is currently the oldest home in the county and the last one remaining built with wooden pegs. It was built for R. D. Ivey and his wife Nancy Ann, who moved to Baker County from North Carolina. I believe that the house originally sat in the town of Iveys Mill on the Ivey Plantation before being moved to Jones Spur. I am unsure if it is being restored, it sits on property owned by Burning Bush Christian Retreat. (Private Property)

Inside 1

Inside view…

Left Side



Illustration of the home when it was first built. (Photo Credit:  Baker County Historical Society)