A Brief History of Cheevertown, Baker County

Cheevertown was founded in the early 1870s and was a booming town with a population over 100 until around 1920. Situated on the Flint River Cheevertown was a major exporter of cotton and lumber. The community was named after W. W. Cheever who was mayor of Albany (then a part of Baker County). Cheevertown was one of the county’s most important communities, not only for the shipping possibilities, but also because of the numerous turpentine distilleries it was home to. in the late 19th century Cheevertown was also home to seven general stores, a millinery, saw and grist mill, church, and both a public and private academy! The area was also the location of a prison with 47 inmates listed on the 1900 U. S. Census.

Notchaway Baptist Church, Cheevertown, Baker County

Notchaway Baptist Church, Cheevertown, Baker County

Notchaway Baptist Church was founded as a White church prior to 1839. Any records prior to this date have been lost, we do know, however that the church once sat on the Notchaway Creek. R. C. Poole was the first pastor and the church had a small congregation in its early years. November 1895 the church was moved and reconstructed in its current location in 1896. Notchaway Baptist Church also has a long line of missionaries who went as far as Africa buried in its cemetery.

The Notchaway Baptist Church is on the National Register of Historic Places, listed on May 25, 2001.

Water Pump

Old water pump in front of the church.

Notchaway Baptist Cemetery

Notchaway Baptist Cemetery

Grave of the Bodiford Child

Home of Louis Moore, Cheevertown, Baker County

Home of Louis Moore, Cheevertown, Baker County

Louis Moore was an uncle of mine who lived in Cheevertown. He spent a lot of time with my grandfather who made calls to my grandmother at his house. (Uncle Moore had the only working telephone in Cheevertown at that time.) When he died his house sat idle, which it still does today. (Private Property)


Left Porch

Living Room

County Line Baptist Church, Cheevertown, Baker County

County Line Baptist Church, Cheevertown, Baker County

County Line Baptist Church was founded in 1878 as a church for the White patrons of Cheevertown. Enos Cook donated the two acres of land the church sits on and served as the first pastor. The original structure was made out of logs. The church has a long standing tradition of baptizing its faithful in the Flint River, a tradition you don’t see in many other churches today. The County Line Baptist Cemetery is full of some of the earliest settlers of Cheevertown and has a large marker naming the pioneer families. A new church was built in 1903 with generous donations from the Cheevertown community, the church consisted of 1,200 square feet. The church was used as a school for many years during the weekdays as well, this carried on well into the 20th century. The church was demolished and rebuilt again in 1933-1934 and services continued under a big oak tree. The church had an interesting seating routine, men and women sat apart, while those who chewed tobacco sat beside the window to spit. Children sat in the front for a better view.

County Line Baptist Church Cemetery

County Line Baptist Cemetery, note the tall grave in the middle…it belongs to Enos Cook, the church’s first pastor.