Wolf Pond, Anna, Baker County

Wolf Pond, Anna, Baker County

Another one of Anna’s Haunted Ponds, the Wolf Pond has a creepy history. The Wolf Pond is very deep and is really a sprawling swamp at the edge of Ichauway Plantation. During the 1930s strange noises began coming from the swamp during the middle of the night. The Theo Sanders family heard them while sitting on their porch at night. The Sanders family said that the whole area would erupt in a chorus of howls and screams, many of which sounded like the screams of women and children. Many people believe that the screams were actually the calls of Florida Panthers and/or Bobcats. (Private Property)

Richardson Pond, Anna, Baker County

Richardson Pond, Anna, Baker County

Known as Anna’s Haunted Pond, the Richardson Pond has an unusual history. The Richardson Pond is a very deep natural pond off of Hudson Road. Around 1900 the land was owned by Theo Sanders who operated a sawmill near the pond. A man with the name of Richardson was working some oxen who were dragging logs near the site. The oxen became very hot and Mr. Richardson let them loose to cool themselves in the pond. The oxen then drowned themselves for no apparent reason. Many locals at the time called the pond cursed and named it Richardson Pond due to the event. (Private Property)

Live Oak Free Will Baptist Church, Anna, Baker County

Live Oak Free Will Baptist Church was established in 1884 by Warren McDonald. It was seated under a grove of oak trees thus earning its name. In 1908 a second two-story church was built. It was also used by Woodmen of the World for their regular monthly meetings. This church was renovated in the 1950s. In 1976 a third and final church was built (seen above). It was dedicated on July 16, 1977.

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Here is the original structure and an early pastor Brother (Reverend) J. G. Harris.

Congregation Hall

The meeting hall.


Inside, looking toward the alter.

Sunday School Room 1

One of two small Sunday School rooms.

Live Oak Free Will Baptist Cemetery

Live Oak Free Will Baptist Cemetery

Disassembled Grave

Judging from the size of this grave it belongs to a child.

* Historical photos were taken from The History of Baker County by the Baker County Historical Society.