2 responses to “Mill, Cordrays Mill, Calhoun County

  1. Do you know where the location of the Black/Slaves Cemetery off of Pretoria Rd. Newton Ga? Are they on Pine Bloom plantation? and how did you get access to there gravesites? My Grandmother and Grandfather worked and was berried on the Pine Bloom plantation.

    • Hi William,
      I’m sorry for such a delayed reply. I spent the summer away and came home to college registration. There are a number of cemeteries off of Pretoria Road, Trinity Cemetery, Darlington Cemetery, and Tarver Cemetery are the ones that come to mind. Trinity Cemetery is located on Pinebloom Plantation and is now under the plantation’s airstrip, no headstones remain. Darlington Cemetery is on Darlington Plantation, where I live. Sadly the family that owned the Plantation before my Grandparents removed all but two gravestones. Tarver Plantation is on Tarva Plantation just over the county line in Pretoria, Dougherty County, I do believe that all the markers are intact, but you’d have to get in touch with the plantation’s manager to ask. IF your grandparents are buried in Baker County there is a good possibility that they are on the cemetery register. I’d be happy to look for you, all I need is their names and approximate date of birth/death.

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