Notchaway Baptist Church, Cheevertown, Baker County

Notchaway Baptist Church, Cheevertown, Baker County

Notchaway Baptist Church was founded as a White church prior to 1839. Any records prior to this date have been lost, we do know, however that the church once sat on the Notchaway Creek. R. C. Poole was the first pastor and the church had a small congregation in its early years. November 1895 the church was moved and reconstructed in its current location in 1896. Notchaway Baptist Church also has a long line of missionaries who went as far as Africa buried in its cemetery.

The Notchaway Baptist Church is on the National Register of Historic Places, listed on May 25, 2001.

Water Pump

Old water pump in front of the church.

Notchaway Baptist Cemetery

Notchaway Baptist Cemetery

Grave of the Bodiford Child

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