Clay McDaniel Farms, Newton, Baker County

Clay McDaniel Farms, Newton, Baker County

This is my family’s farm located off of Clear Lake Road. The above photo is of the farm’s office. Since this photograph was taken the office has had a make-over that thankfully brought it from the 1970s to the present day. (Private Property)

Parts Shed

This parts shed has been torn down and replaced by a much better one. (We did, however, save the beloved Coke sign.)

Negro Lantern Holder

I honestly have no idea where this lantern holder came from, it’s been on the farm as long as I can remember. Lantern holders like these were not uncommon on plantations and farms up until the last 30 or so years. It is very rare to see one with a lantern still attached.

James Henderson Hall Senior Bridge, Newton, Baker County

James Henderson Hall Senior Bridge, Newton, Baker County

The James Henderson Hall Senior Bridge is most commonly known as the Newton Bridge. It spans the Flint River and connects Mitchell County to Baker County. The bridge was built in 1971 of concrete and steel at of cost of more than 2,000,000 USD. The bridge’s namesake was a well known county commissioner. The bridge was built when the road was re-routed though Newton and the old bridge was dismantled. The view in the photo was taken at the end of Main Street in Newton.